My two young boys and I were walking through the toy store so they could pick out toys for themselves.

We passed the battery powered ride-on section.
The two boys lit up. They sat in every car and jeep and cycle they had. They each wanted a different car and they both looked at me to get them. I had a flashback of my friend who had gotten one for his two children.

He complained that it caused fights between the kids as to who would drive. The two children got bored with riding the car in the small backyard and wanted
to ride it in a large park, partly for the space but partly to show off; he had told me. The car was an albatross. He had to charge it and load it in the car. It was heavy and unwieldy.

Once at the park the battery would eventually give out and he would have to get it back to his car which was difficult. He also complained that his kids had gotten bored with it and left it in the backyard to get sun bleached. They wanted a new battery powered car, but my friend had a hard time selling the old one. He eventually donated it to goodwill.

These cars range from $200 to $500 dollars. I remembered my freind and looked at my boys and wished that there was a place were I could take my kids to ride these things or rent for a birthday party.

This is why I have started Tiny Town Car Park.

All the fun of having your children ride these cars, but none of the hassle.
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